How We Work

We love the fact that most consumers' BS meters are on high alert, making engagement more difficult than ever before. Classic advertising, public relations and the hard sell don't turn the crank like they used to, which is why companies want to be publishers. Research says people want more transparent and authentic messaging. They want stories, not hype. Content, not copy-writing.

Brand journalism involves telling journalism-style stories about a company that make readers want to know more, stories that don’t read like marketing or advertising copy. It means having conversations with your customer — not preaching at them or bombarding them with bullet points but giving them real and interesting stories they can relate to. People today are so inundated with advertising and marketing speak, they now filter out marketing messages and a well-told story is the best way to get your message across.

Our distinctiveness is in our skill sets, our methods and our experience. At our core we are journalists. Brand journalists. Content marketers. Rooted in magazine storytelling but evolved for application across the digital ecosystem.